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Providing coaching that brings you to new levels of                   



Ignite: to cause something to gain energy or catch fire

Holly Hoeksema

As the owner and lead facilitator of Ignite Consulting, Holly is passionate about helping teams and individuals achieve their goals. Over the last 25 years, she has facilitated thousands of participants around the country and loves to work with big teams or small 1-on-1 coaching sessions. Holly specializes in helping people connect with their "why", and to let that light the fuse to ignite them towards excellence in any area.

  • Passionately committed to inspiring and developing others to live to their fullest potential

  • 25 years of proven leadership excellence in Leadership Development, Teambuilding, and Corporate Culture Facilitation 

  • 10 years experience providing transformational Executive Coaching for individuals 

  • Thoroughly skilled at providing personality assessments and vocational competency inventories

  • 5 years Professional culinary instructor; (specializing in vegetarian and vegan diets), also a gifted and insightful health and wellness advisor 

  • Life Coach, International Association of Certified Coaches

  • Life Coach, Life Coach Training Institute

  • Certified Course Manager, ACCT

  • Servant Leadership Coach from


Devin Lewis


Redmond Oregon Police Department

Holly was a great facilitator. Her positivity, energy and focus was contagious and really helped get our leadership team on the same page. With her experience in team-building and strategic planning, we felt more aligned and prepared for our future. Her ability to encourage students and get everyone to participate in the class was a big reason our leadership retreat was so successful.

Cassidy Moran

Southern Oregon University 

Holly is inspiring, and has helped me to reach farther in both my personal and professional life by challenging and encouraging me. She has helped me to become a better leader, as well as consistently built up my team throughout my professional career. She is an excellent communicator, and I challenge you to find someone who is better equipped to help you realize your own professional potential, as well as that of your team.

Melisse Boyd

 Individual Coaching Client

If you are looking for support in setting intentions, overcoming obstacles, getting super focused, or just need to brush up on some skills to achieve your goals..... I HIGHLY recommend working with Ignite Consulting. Thank you, Holly, for helping me to reach personal and professional goals through your expert coaching!

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