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What is it that's stopping you from becoming all of who you want to be in your professional life? Perhaps you're lacking direction and clarity in your vocation, or you’re discouraged by the challenges of executive leadership,  or you need a coach and mentor for many areas of your work life. Without clarity, passion, and achievable action points, you can stay in mediocrity for a lifetime. Don't let that happen!

Holly specializes in providing 1 on 1 coaching that helps you live the professional life you’ve always dreamed of.  With a client-centered philosophy, she’ll use targeted questions, insightful discussion, and meaningful, tangible goals to empower you on the journey of clarity and growth in your career. She’ll help you understand what's holding you back, how to connect with your motivation and passion, and specific action points to move you forward in the goal of professional joy, productivity, and excellence.


Stefanie LeBlanc

Individual Coaching Client

I have experienced a new level of assertiveness, yet flexibility in approaching my co-workers and my boss. I have learned to communicate more clearly and concisely to differing personalities and working to find solutions that better everyone involved. I now create and set clear boundaries, approach all situations with firmness, and stand for what I want out of my work life. My time feels better managed, my communication feels deeper, and my tasks aren’t as overbearing. 

Sandra Swanstrom

Individual Coaching Client

Holly's coaching is second to none! I cannot say enough about how effective, personal, and life-changing our sessions were. She helped me, as a young professional, recenter on my strengths and passions to help me make the best strategic move forward for my career path. However, her service continued to overflow into other parts of my life where I experienced a breakthrough in my personal development.

Rob Calame

Adventure Manager at

Mount Hermon Adventures  

Looking back at the season in which I was coached by Holly, I can easily say that I have not experienced more growth in any other season of my life.  Daily, I see the lasting effects of her desire to set me up for success in any way possible. I owe much of who I am today, both professionally and personally, to Holly's intentional coaching and friendship.

All it Takes is 3 Simple Steps


contact and tell me about what you are looking for 


We meet to discuss goals, creative implementation, concrete action plan


You execute your goals and meet with me for clarity, accountability, and vision to keep you moving forward!

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