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Elicia Giffin
Individual Coaching Client

Holly’s coaching helped bring the big picture goals into focus for my career and family. With her questions and homework, I was intentional about making space to really address the trajectory I desire, even in a season where time to myself is a luxury.

Taylor Trautman, Principal
Barnes Butte Elementary School

Holly is a 10 out of 10, top notch!  She created a multi-month development program that was custom-designed for the needs of our staff.  Our sessions with her truly breathed new life into our staff, and into myself!

Melisse Boyd, Director 
CTE Grants & Regional Projects, Butte-Glenn Community College District.  Chico, CA

I originally reached out to Holly to help prepare for an intense interview process, but found myself prepared for so much more than that after working with her. Not only did I feel prepared for my interview, I felt more equipped and motivated to fully embrace my professional path.   Working with Holly helped to remove blocks I had been struggling with for years. I often think back to our discussions when I need inspiration, clarity, motivation, or strength. 

 Breana Sylwester, Director of Financial Aid
Oregon Community College
Bend, OR

Holly is an amazing consultant and coach! Regardless of where you are in your career, anyone would benefit from meeting with Holly. I approached my opportunity with Holly not sure I really needed a coach. In the end, I am not sure what I would have done without her guidance. The fulfillment in my daily work has increased exponentially. Her approach is calm and thoughtful but also deep and thorough. If you are ready to find clarity, make a change or improve fulfillment in your current position, take the time to work with Holly. You will not regret your decision. 

Santy Gray

Director, Summer Bridge Program, Butte College

It is clear that Holly is an expert in leading groups and helping them see the deeper meaning of the  group activities. For me the best part was witnessing all of the rapid mental and emotional growth on my team--In additional to watching them connect I saw a community of support being formed and that made the whole day worth it

Lain Hensley

COO, Odyssey Teams Inc.

Holly is a master facilitator and our team was consistently amazed by her ability to bring them closer to their goals with her vibrant, professional style. She is a gifted leader who operates from a place of passion and creativity as she encourages others to give their best.

Leadership Staff

Deschutes County Public Health Department

We have all participated in trainings before where facilitators talked "at" us or "down to" us - not so with Holly. She was direct, respectful, inclusive and FUN - Holly facilitated great discussions and gave us useful insight into our team dynamics. She was a clear, positive communicator and shared valuable info in fun ways that felt relevant to our team and the work we do. We only get a few hours together as a team each month, usually just in meetings - and these hours we spent with Holly were valuable and deepened our professional relationships with one another.

Drew Otto

Associate Director Kidder Creek Camps

Holly has the ability to maximize opportunities and lead participants on a journey of personal challenge and discovery. She is without a doubt the most effective facilitator I have ever had the pleasure of working with.

Craig Thompson

Director of Rockside Ranch

Holly is a gifted facilitator, with a driving desire to see personal growth in each participant.  For Holly, each experience and activity is an opportunity to facilitate growth, shift a paradigm, and ultimately impact a life. She has the ability to maximize our opportunity and Lead participants on a journey of personal Challenge and discovery that is individually suited to the participant. I was amazed and inspired by how she does this in the context of accomplishing group goals and activity objectives.

Scott Amick

Odyssey for Youth Program Director

As Holly worked with our larger team,  She aligned herself with the participants in order to gain their trust and thus their engagement.  Holly made calculated coaching decisions that have catapulted our leadership team towards our goals of growing our business while maintaining an ethical stance in an ever-changing entrepreneurial environment.

Rob Calame, Adventure Manager

Mount Hermon Adventures

Looking back at the season in which I was coached by Holly, I can easily say that I have not experienced more growth in any other season of my life.  Daily, I see the lasting effects of her desire to set me up for success in any way possible. I owe much of who I am today, both professionally and personally, to Holly's intentional coaching and friendship.

Cassidy Moran

Southern Oregon University

Holly is inspiring, and has helped me to reach farther in both my personal and professional life by challenging and encouraging me. She has helped me to become a better leader, as well as consistently built up my team throughout my professional career. She is an excellent communicator, and I challenge you to find someone who is better equipped to help you realize your own professional potential, as well as that of your team.

Kim Clary, Director of

Client Success

Odyssey Teams, Inc  

Holly is the calm, logical, compassionate glue that holds teams together. In one-on-one coaching times, she listens intentionally and offers wise and easily applicable advice. Holly has the uncanny ability to see situations from many different perspectives which has produced (on numerous occasions) sage advice on how to handle interdepartmental personnel issues with tact, poise, and wisdom.


Monterey Peninsula College Staff

From beginning to end, Holly was great!  She was thorough and extremely professional, and related our group activities to things we'll experience in the classroom.  An absolutely excellent experience!

Yuba County Office of Education Staff

Holly did an outstanding job training our staff.  The two days with her were fun, deeply impacting, re-ignited our fire, and will have lasting impact on our staff's interactions with each other and with students.

Participants at ACCT International Conference from Holly's workshop for Educational Professionals.

Well spoken and energetic,"  "Incredibly helpful points about managing student behavior,"  "Great balance of lecture and participation," "Superb speaker--really engaged our group,

Linda Wilkinson

Principal, Tara Hills Elementary School

Holly did a fantastic job with our staff.  Not only did she connect our staff to each other, she inspired and challenged us to be better teachers and better PEOPLE in general.  I highly recommend her!

Kristin Jensen

Vintage Faith Church Staff Development Manager

Holly was wonderful--great energy and focus.  She is obviously a very capable and experienced leader, she set a standard for our staff experience.  Loved her unique approach and the energy she brought to the lessons and exercises.

Central Oregon Community College Admissions Staff

I loved how interactive and personal our session with Holly was. I learned so much about my coworkers and had a great time doing so!  I found it so useful to connect the unique ways we each operate to how we can better interact and understand each other.

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