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Team Development Experiences

Are you aware that your team could be better at what they do?  Are you longing for improved communication skills, more efficient productivity, and energized workplace?  

Employee satisfaction and retention are directly related to Team Culture. Don’t let miscommunication, lack of cohesion, or low-level interaction skills drag your team down!


Here at Ignite Consulting, we can take you from 'adequate' to 'inspired' in just a few hours. Let me work with you to identify areas of needed growth and to deliver a one-time or multi-day series of fun experiences and facilitated team reflection that will yield results for years to come. You absolutely CAN maximize your team’s potential--say 'yes' to an experience that can transform your team!


Julie Lyche

Executive Director,

Family Access Network Deschutes County

Holly did a great job of keeping a large group engaged, taking the information we shared and weaving it into activities to subtly address our issues of concern or sticky spots.  Just the right amount of fun, team building, and group discussion. I would absolutely recommend Ignite Teambuilding to other organizations--Holly has a great demeanor with the participants and makes them feel at home immediately, and our group really "took home" the message that we are one team and need to support each other, even though we come from many other teams within our work.

Holly is a master facilitator and our team was consistently amazed by her ability to bring them closer to their goals with her vibrant, professional style. She is a gifted leader who operates from a place of passion and creativity as she encourages others to give their best.

Devin Lewis


Redmond Oregon Police Department

Holly was a great facilitator. Her positivity, energy and focus was contagious and really helped get our leadership team on the same page. With her experience in team-building and strategic planning, we felt more aligned and prepared for our future. Her ability to encourage students and get everyone to participate in the class was a big reason our leadership retreat was so successful.

Lain Hensley

COO, Odyssey Teams Inc.

All it Takes is 4 Simple Steps


contact and tell me about what you are looking for 


meet to discuss custom-designed goals, creative implementation,  and a program that is tailored to the needs of your team

Launch your crew

experience activities with your staff that are fun, thought-provoking, and will launch your crew into a higher level of healthy interactions and inspired productivity


reap the benefits of a connected and healthier team!

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