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Action is the first step towards Success

Providing coaching that brings you to new levels of                   



Ignite: to cause something to gain energy or catch fire

Ignite Consulting exists to help teams and individuals discern where they are currently at, define where they want to be, and to ignite the fuse about how to get there. We provide insight, challenge, and tangible goals for every step of your journey--whether it's a 1-day event or a months-long coaching relationship. With over 25 years of experience facilitating development for teams and individuals, we know how to make the growth process both enjoyable AND productive. 


Dave Tarbet, Chief of Police

Redmond Police Department

Having Holly facilitate our leadership retreat was the best idea for building the team. The team was able to grow closer together, create new values in record time, renew their sense of what it means to be part of a team, and be reminded of how important communication is to an effective team. Holly’s positive energy, focus, and efficient use of time resulted in an immense amount of information being delivered without losing the audience in the process. She is a great facilitator!

"The coaching sessions with Holly led to some dramatic results in a very short time as I got real clarity on 1) where to concentrate the best efforts in my business and 2) what roadblocks were holding me back (and how to address those). Now I'm doing more of the work I love, the business is expanding more rapidly, and I'm seeing a greater impact in our client's lives. I can't recommend Holly and Ignite enough!"

Santy Gray

Director, Butte Community College "Summer Bridge" Program 

"It is clear that Holly is an expert in leading groups and helping them see the deeper meaning of the group activities. For me, the best part was witnessing all of the rapid mental and emotional growth on my team--In addition to watching them connect I saw a community of support is formed and that made the whole day worth it."

Peter Neumann

Founder, Worship Expeditions, Inc. 


Holly Hoeksema is the owner and Lead Facilitator of Ignite Consulting. She has facilitated thousands of participants around the country over the last 25 years and has spent the last 10 years giving back to businesses as a trainer and Executive Coach. Holly lives in Santa Cruz, California but works with businesses all over the world.  

Ignite: to cause something to gain energy or catch fire


Because we are all in need of it, from the most experienced CEO's to the wide-eyed new hire


Through fun experiences, teams learn to communicate healthily and produce positive outcomes

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